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We provide: Management Training, Sales Training and Customer Service Training Courses.

We deliver bespoke (tailored) short sharp courses 

Typical clients are entrepreneurial or family run companies who are looking to improve performance.


Inom provides training


We have been training since 2002 and we specialise in short, sharp management training, customer service training and sales training, all of which are areas that need good people skills.

At Inom we give managers the ability to generate enthusiastic, high performance teams who enjoy coming to work. The value of enthusiasm is considerable, a team or individual who is prepared to go the extra mile is worth their weight in gold. These people are not rare. What is rare is a manager who knows how to create the environment that makes their team enthusiastic. Making time at work enjoyable is a challenge that needs to be proactively managed. It is becoming increasingly important as the demands on our time are continually becoming greater and people have to work under increasing pressure. Unless managers actively create the right environment the enjoyment at work soon diminishes and performance suffers.

At Inom we work with organisations who want their individuals and teams to be more effective and more productive; organisations that want their people to be enthusiastic, with a positive attitude, who are committed to the company and take pride in their work.

We specialise in bitesize management training, customer service training and sales training and provide:

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