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Our approach


A short sharp phased approach.

At Inom we do not believe that the traditional way of management training is the most effective way of getting people to change their behaviour. What typically happens is that people go away for a few days, where they receive some excellent training, but when they come back to their work environment they are too busy to implement all they have learnt.

All our solutions are bespoke but we usually recommend a series of half day or two hour training sessions.  Unlike courses of a day or two, this approach gives people the time and the opportunity to apply the training. This is absolutely vital as people will always learn more by practical application on real work issues rather than just listening.


Our philosophy


How people are managed has a massive impact on performance.

We believe that people should be able to enjoy their time at work. People can be managed in such a way that makes this possible. Because of this enjoyment the performance they achieve becomes consistently higher than required. Unfortunately many managers or organisations do not create this type of culture and worse still, some organisations unwittingly prevent this type of culture forming.

We change how managers manage, and thereby improve their own and their people's enjoyment, commitment and performance at work. This in turn should have a direct impact on the organisation's performance. 

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