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Our approach


Get people to think how they like to be treated.

We run our customer service training in a very interactive way, more like a participative workshop. We get the participants to identify their good and bad experiences of customer service and then relate that to the service they are giving to their own customers.

We then introduce a number of techniques to improve their ability to empathise and deliver a better level of customer service to their customers. 


Our philosophy


The customer experience is unique to your organisation.

With products and services being very similar, customer service is one way you can distinguish your business from the competition; but each business is unique. What is regarded as good customer service can be very different from company to company.

The training we run is very interactive therefore it is important someone attends who can agree what is acceptable at your company. For example, some attendees may think that excellent customer services is making friends with the clients and then chatting to them for 20 minutes.

This however, may not be acceptable to the management and there may be a requirement to deal with all calls within 3 minutes etc. There needs to be someone attending who can arbitrate on these matters. 

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